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Science Learning through Engineering Design (SLED)


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Science Learning through Engineering Design (SLED) is a targeted Math Science Partnership (MSP) project of Purdue University and partner school districts in Indiana. The goal of the SLED partnership is to improve science learning in grades 3-6 through the integration of an engineering design-based approach to science learning in the targeted grades. The project involves three interrelated strands: (1) professional development to prepare teachers and prospective teachers to utilize engineering design as a way to teach inquiry-based science in the classroom, (2) adaption and creation of curricular materials that support the teaching of elementary science through design, and (3) collection of evidence of outcomes that contributes to a better understanding of how teachers teach using design and how students learn science through design-based activities. The partnership involves teachers and administrators in the participating schools, teacher educators, university scientists and engineers, and community partners all working together to improve students' learning.